Contractual Terms

Action Research Summer Camp

Contractual Terms

The 2023 Camp is sponsored by the US Fulbright Commission and the Bertha von Suttner Private University, which subsidize this relatively new and innovative transnational training format.

Participation fee

The full course is offered for only € 275 (about € 40 a day) plus the student union fee (currently  € 21.20 per semester). Costs are generally kept as low as possible. Participation fees cover our expenses for food (mainly vegetarian and vegan), lodging and rent, technical support and other services. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided every day. If you have any dietary requirements, please let us know in advance.

Travel costs and health insurance are not included. Participants will cover their own expenses for transport (tickets, visa fees etc.). If you stay offsite overnight, you also bear the costs for a hostel or hotel in the city. We can provide a list of possible lodgings.

We work on a sliding scale. Hence, we can offer the program for less for people who cannot afford it but still fit into our target group for participants. This possibility is especially true for participants who are located in the Global South or are from the “South in the North” and have little or no funds. Other financial considerations can be made for people from economically disadvantaged countries and nation-states, as well as politically, economically and culturally subjugated regions of all countries. Please get in touch with any questions about affordability and cost flexibility!



If you are offered and accept a place on the course, we will expect your payment to the University’s bank account by February 1, 2023. Your place on the Action Research Summer Camp is confirmed as soon as your payment is received by Bertha von Suttner Private University. The University does not work with instant transfer services (e.g., PayPal, Venmo, Visa/Mastercard debit cards). Any bank service charges have to be covered by the participant.

The banking details are:

Account holder:              Bertha von Suttner Privatuniversitaet St. Poelten GmbH

Bank name:                     Sparkasse Niederoesterreich Mitte West

BIC/ SWIFT:                     SPSPAT21XXX

IBAN – International Bank Account Number: AT57 2025 6000 0099 5282

Reason for payment:     [your family name, given name] The Camp 2023, cost center 836101.

All participants are required to pay the course fee of € 275 plus the “ÖH-Beitrag” (compulsory fee to the Student Union in Austria) of currently € 21.10 (total: € 296.10). Bertha von Suttner Private University is obligated by law to forward this contribution to the Austrian student body, including for participants from abroad who are attending short courses. The student union fee covers your contribution to personal accident insurance and general liability insurance, amongst other things. The insurance is activated when you pay the fee to the Students Union ÖH. Find out more about the insurance policy of the Austrian Student Union ÖH here.


Cancellation policy

A contract between Bertha von Suttner Private University and an applicant comes into being when the applicant accepts an offer of a place on a course, i.e. by transferring the corresponding fee to our account. You have the right to cancel this contract at any time within 14 days, beginning on the day you accepted the offer.

Please be aware that if you cancel your place at any time after the expiry of the 14-day period, you will not be entitled to a full refund of the price paid for the summer school. If you withdraw your participation up to 7 days before the start of the in-person week in Innsbruck (start date: June 11, 2023), we will retain 50% of the regular participation fee (= € 137.50) to cover our expenses. The contribution to the Austrian Student Union ÖH cannot be refunded. If you cancel your participation 6 days or less before the meeting in Innsbruck, no refund will be issued. In case of cancellation, bank service charges connected to the refund may be charged to you.

If you wish to cancel your place on the course, you must inform the Course Administrator by email at (student and faculty support).


Cancellation by us

When there are good reasons to do so, the University may cancel the course and will make every reasonable effort to give you as much notice of the cancellation as possible (normally at least 15 working days prior to the start date). The University will refund all fees paid by you. The University’s liability when it cancels the course will be limited to a refund of any fees or charges paid for the cancelled course. For the partial cancellation of a course, such refunds will be made on a proportionate basis.


Complaints Procedure and Ombuds Office

If you have a complaint related to issues of diversity and equal treatment, you should contact the University’s compliance officer: Julia Muellner, +43 676 847 22 88 12, Participants may also get in touch with our ombuds office for students if they want to talk about personal issues in a trusting, confidential atmosphere, or any matter related to the course: Manuela Wieländer, +43 676 847 228 811,

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